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2018 is going to be a huge year. Living with a Luchador is filming currently and the pilot episode will be released this spring. We will be lauching a huge campaign to get this first season started! NSR is pleased with the relationship with Goat Milk Fudge Productions!


Wrestling Figure Tips and Tricks Returns in 2018! Chris will return with new episodes full of great advice when purchasing wrestling figures. 


NSR Wrestling Podcast will return with more guests and topics than ever before. Help us celebrate our big 100th Episode. This will be huge!!!


More shows and movies will be filmed in 2018. Enjoy the fun!!!!!



As of 1/16/17 Living with a Luchador is in the pre-casting phase. We will be starting an ad campaign for funding for the show in the upcoming months. More content will be added to the websites via podcasts and a special announcement by Chris! Stay Tuned!!!

As of summer 2016 we will be adding alot of content to the website. We will be changing some of the sections and removing some older content. We are in the final writing stages of Living with a Luchador and will begin casting very soon. Living with a Luchador will be filmed this summer and will debut on this website and other social media this Fall. Be sure to check out our latest wrestling podcasts and our latest show, "Wrestling Figure Tips and Tricks."  We are revamping all of our wrestling podcasts to air on Itunes and Youtube. NSR Radio and Cities Worst Podcasts will return this summer as well. Our merchandise sections will be heavily edited over the next several months. Merchandise will be available in late fall. Wrestling merchandise will also go up for sale in the upcoming months. It's an exciting time for us and were excited to take you along for the ride! Stay tuned!!!

The NSR Proudly Announces Working Relationship with Goat Milk Fudge Productions! 

The NSR will be teaming up with Goat Milk Fudge for future upcoming projects! 2016 will be the start of a great working relationship!


What topics would you like to have for the Wrestling Podcast?

What topics would you as a listener would like  the NSR Wrestling to cover? It can be anything wrestling related. From Lucha Underground to TNA to WWE or whatever. New? Old? Current? Whatever you want just message us on twitter, facebook, or email on this page! 

The Vincent Epstein Show Update

This show is in the very early stages of development. Hoping for a late 2017 online release date.


Happy New Year!!!

We would like to wish all of our viewers a safe and fun new year! Tons of exciting things are happening in 2015! The new and improved Living with a Luchador will debut this spring. Alot of new wrestling podcasts concerning Global Force Wrestling, TNA Wrestling, New Japan Wrestling, Ring of Honor Wrestling, Lucha Underground, and World Wrestling Entertainment will debut. The NSR Radio podcast is back up and running with tons of topics to discuss. Pickers will be filmed for it's very first full season. More new shows to be announced as well. Stay tuned for an awesome 2015 for the New School Republic!!!




The Status of Living with a Luchador

Living with a Luchador will return in the spring of 2015. The NSR crew has been working hard to improve the quality of the show. Everything is being redone, from the writing to the production quality. In 2015 we will bring a better quality show to our 5 fans!

The NSR Wrestling Podcast Proudly Annouces Working Relationship with Pro Wrestling Pop!

We would like to thank everyone from Pro Wrestling Pop for airing our wrestling podcast on their website. Both Kevin Crittenden and Dan Phelps are the main reason for this taking place. Everyone at the New School Republic thank you for taking our wrestling podcast and airing it weekly on your page. Make sure to check out for all the latest wrestling news, interviews, and podcasts!

NSR Arrives to the World Wide Web!

The New School Republic is an online television network dedicated to bringing the best of the worst entertainment. We bring films, web comedies, and podcasts to life online! There's something for everyone and you will love to make fun of our bad comedy. So make sure you comment and follow us on all our social media sites! Check back in this section weekly for all the news and updates related to the New School Republic! Big things are happening, make sure you know about them!!!

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